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    Telecommuting Might Be Reasonable Accommodation

    Employers may be required to allow disabled employees to telecommute, even if their job requires sigh visits and customer contact.  The Americans with Disabilites Act requires employers to provide "reasonable accommodations" to qualifed employees with a disability.  Recently, the Sixth Circuit found an employer may be required to allow an employee to telecommute four days a week as a reasonable accommodation to her disability. EEOC v. Ford Motor Company, CoRead More » 


    Same-Sex Marriage: Why is the Supreme Court Waiting?

    Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court announced several cases that it would take up this term, but despite having several pending appeals from federal courts, the same-sex marriage question was not one of them. So far, all court of appeals have found that state law defining marriage as a union between a man and woman is unconstitutional. The Sixth Circuit, has heard the issue, but not yet issued a decision. Read More »