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With years of experience advising and representing employers, FHKAD attorneys have the knowledge needed to help clients on a wide range of employment and labor-related issues.

From collective bargaining, to unemployment compensation, to wage and hour law, our firm provides a proactive approach to limiting workplace disruptions. We work as a team to engage in effective negotiation strategy, whether we’re bargaining at the table or offering guidance in the background. Our employment & labor experience includes, Collective Bargaining, Employment Disputes, Employment & Labor, Training, Policies, & Manuals, Unemployment Compensation, Wage & Hour Law and Workers’ Compensation.

Collective Bargaining

If you want experience dealing with a labor issue, FHKAD attorneys have it.

Our entire team becomes engaged in negotiation strategy, whether we’re bargaining at the table or advising in the background. We draft proposals, prepare comparable information and respond to media requests.

FHKAD attorneys have extensive experience assisting employers in avoiding unfair labor practice allegations during a campaign for a union election.

If required to bargain in good faith, FHKAD attorneys have negotiated more than 1,000 collective bargaining agreements.

Additionally, FHKAD attorneys have represented employees in over 500 arbitrations resulting from grievances filed alleging violations of a collective bargaining agreement.

In the event of a strike or picketing, FHKAD attorneys have successfully obtained injunctions to limit strike activities. FHKAD attorneys have also effectively assisted clients in strike preparation.

In short, on a daily basis FHKAD attorneys assist clients with labor issues related to union organizing, negotiations and contract administration.

Attorneys from FHKAD have represented clients in unfair labor practice matters before both the State Employment Relations Board and National Labor Relations Board.

In fact, when decisions of the administrative agency have been appealed to courts for additional review, FHKAD attorneys actively represented our clients.

Employment Disputes

In today’s complicated business environment, employers frequently run the risk of facing employment disputes.

Representing employers exclusively, FHKAD attorneys have a proven history of effectively defending employers in disputes that include breach of contract claims, negotiated employee severance agreements, litigated and drafted non-compete provisions, and assisted in overtime and wage matters.

FHKAD attorneys draft and prepare employee handbooks, policies, employment agreements and non-compete clauses in clear, compelling terms.

FHKAD prepares policies, procedures and contract provisions to help employers avoid future disputes, and they provide daily advice and counsel for clients. Contacting FHKAD early in a business relationship can often help prevent disputes from occurring.

If it becomes necessary to engage in litigation over a dispute, FHKAD has successfully represented employers both in court and arbitration.

Labor and Employment

FHKAD has distinguished itself in its labor and employment law practice.

FHKAD represents employers in state and federal courts, administrative agencies, at arbitrations and the bargaining table.

As a firm, FHKAD consists of attorneys who represent employers in issues related to labor and employment.

FHKAD attorneys take the responsibility to be proactive for clients, reducing the situations when our clients need to turn to an attorney.

Our attorneys have experience working with both human resources professionals and family businesses, and as a result they understand that they provide a service that limits workplace disruptions.

We take our role with our clients very seriously, and we educate them so they can continue to provide high-quality services to their consumers.

Training, Policies & Manuals

FHKAD actively trains and educates our clients.

A guiding FHKAD principle is that our firm educates clients to help prevent allegations of wrongdoing in the workplace. FHKAD attorneys draw on their years of experience as they educate clients regarding a wide range of labor and employment subjects, including: the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Discipline and Standards of Conduct, Collective Bargaining Updates, Legal Updates, Ohio Public Records Law, Absenteeism, Fair Labor Standards Act, Civil Service Law and other legal and personnel issues.

FHKAD attorneys provide training in a variety of ways:

  • FHKAD attorneys train clients and their staff directly.
  • Our attorneys educate members of associations and organizations during membership events.
  • Our firm offers periodic invitation-only training sessions for clients at our offices.
  • FHKAD provides clients with an informative quarterly newsletter that focuses on the legal issues that can impact them.

Unemployment Compensation

For most employers, it’s inevitable that there are times when they will need to sever their employment relationship with an employee.

When an employee is separated from employment, they are likely to seek unemployment benefits.

FHKAD attorneys provide assistance and representation to help clients achieve a positive outcome in unemployment compensation issues. FHKAD attorneys get involved in unemployment matters either very early by assisting with the preparation of paperwork or later during the appeals process.

Regardless of when we get involved, FHKAD attorneys always take a practical approach to help you minimize the risk of having to pay unemployment benefits.

Wage & Hour Law

FHKAD attorneys are well versed in the wage and hour issues facing Ohio’s employers.

Our attorneys have many years of experience in advising clients regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as assisting clients with Department of Labor audits.

Our attorneys also assist clients in determining an employee’s overtime status. We also provide advice regarding record-keeping requirements, pay plan development, and assistance with vacation and sick leave policies.

If litigation should become necessary, FHKAD attorneys have in-depth experience representing clients in both federal and state court.

In short, FHKAD attorneys assist employers in all aspects of wage and hour law to ensure Fair Labor Standards Act compliance.

Workers’ Compensation

FHKAD attorneys have the knowledge and experience to make workers’ compensation “workable” for employers.

We are experienced in providing clients with the advice and representation they need on all facets of their workers’ compensation claims.

At the outset, FHKAD attorneys assist employers in preparing policies and procedures that help them minimize the risk of workplace injuries and exposure.

When workplace injuries occur, we provide employers with advice on how to conduct effective injury investigations.

After a workers’ compensation claim is filed, FHKAD defends employers before the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission as well as in court. FHKAD attorneys work closely with employers and their third-party administrators to determine the most effective and efficient strategies for defending claims.

We also provide employers with advice on the best ways to effectively manage their workers’ compensation claims and the employees who are impacted.

As we work with clients, FHKAD’s goal is to ensure employers receive sensible advice and effective representation to resolve and administer workers’ compensation matters.